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Commissioner Calvert Doesn’t Quit. Cleaning Up Bexar County. A Historic First

June 11, 2019

Commissioner Tommy Calvert of Bexar County, San Antonio, got the first county trash collection bill in the state of Texas passed. That means he was able to convince the Texas House, Texas Senate, and get the Governor to sign the bill in his first year in office after the county had tried for a dozen years unsuccessfully to get it done. Calvert is still pushing to expand this program into the Glen and other areas as he has from day 1 and is still fighting bureaucracies to get permanent solutions to problems that have plagued Bexar County for decades. Through his knowledge lobbying Congress as the former head of the American Anti-Slavery Group in Boston, Calvert leveraged relationships and networks to push the Texas Legislature to do the right thing. Now he is turning that same effort to CPS Energy, private waste haulers, the City of San Antonio, and Bexar County to continue to serve taxpayers and create economic revitalization and good environmental stewardship.