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Freedom Fighter

Bexar County Commissioner Tommy Calvert has a long history of helping people at home and abroad. He led the American Anti-Slavery Group and helped spread freedom Democracy from Sudan to Burma.

Today, Commissioner Calvert I still fighting for freedom and democracy but this time at home. He is trying to ensure that senior mail ballots are not rejected and that every vote counts.

Commissioner Calvert led the fight to have every college in Bexar County to have an election polling location and led the fight to ensure that over 300 voting locations were opened on Election Day so that the working people of Bexar County had a polling location close to where they live and work.

Unprecedented Progress. Calvert Gets It Done

Bexar County’s Precinct 4 which covers downtown, the southeast, northeast, east, and goes west to IH-10 and Hildebrand is experiencing a golden era of amenities it has never before had. It isn’t by accident, it is by hard work. Higher wages, new medical care, skyscrapers going up, affordable housing, cut taxes, and stability as Military City USA. This video touches the tip of the iceberg of the accomplishments of Commissioner Tommy Calvert while serving the pioneering people of Precinct 4.

Commissioner Calvert Doesn’t Quit. Cleaning Up Bexar County. A Historic First

Commissioner Tommy Calvert of Bexar County, San Antonio, got the first county trash collection bill in the state of Texas passed. That means he was able to convince the Texas House, Texas Senate, and get the Governor to sign the bill in his first year in office after the county had tried for a dozen years unsuccessfully to get it done. Calvert is still pushing to expand this program into the Glen and other areas as he has from day 1 and is still fighting bureaucracies to get permanent solutions to problems that have plagued Bexar County for decades. Through his knowledge lobbying Congress as the former head of the American Anti-Slavery Group in Boston, Calvert leveraged relationships and networks to push the Texas Legislature to do the right thing. Now he is turning that same effort to CPS Energy, private waste haulers, the City of San Antonio, and Bexar County to continue to serve taxpayers and create economic revitalization and good environmental stewardship.

Second Chances Job Fair

This is a video highlighting the Bexar County 2nd Chance Job Fair. We still have many people who are employed thanks to employers here. When I was elected to office, there were 240 employers who said they would hire the formerly incarcerated. My goal was to double that by the end of my first term. I’m proud to say we have more than tripled the number of employers who would hire the formerly incarcerated. We have over 800 employers hiring the formerly incarcerated.

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