Mission Accomplished

Competitive Salaries and Health Insurance Benefits for Sheriff Department

May 14, 2019

Commissioners Court late 2016 approved the largest wage increase for Deputy Sheriffs in the history of Bexar County and the State of Texas. The $42.6 million collective bargaining deal which runs until September 2020 includes $900,000 one-time $500 bonus for Bexar County Sheriff’s Office employees.

Key bargaining provisions of the agreement are a 15 percent raise for detention officers and detention corporals over 4 years; and a 16.25 percent raise for detention sergeants, lieutenants, and captains along with all law enforcement, or patrol, officers. The unprecedented deal also boosts compensation for being on special units, attaining professional certifications, college degrees, and for uniform allowances. The 8 percent authorized raises for 2017, and other new benefits and incentives will facilitate competitive recruiting and retention efforts for law enforcement staff at Bexar County.